The employees of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office are committed to accomplishing this mission through attainment of the following goals:

1. To protect and serve by…

  • preserving individual rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.
  • effectively enforcing state and local laws and ordinances.
  • aggressively investigating criminal offenses.
  • the timely apprehension of persons suspected of committing criminal acts.
  • the creative application of modern principles and techniques of public service.
  • cooperating with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.
  • developing, perpetuating, and constantly evaluating the programs and procedures designed to prevent and control juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, and illegal distribution of drugs, as well as the suppression of organized crime and vice.
  • efficiently managing departmental resources for optimal service delivery to all citizens.
  • providing impartial, competent and courteous service to the public, without regard to race, creed or gender.

2. Being involved with the community we serve by…

  • being responsive to citizens, and providing feedback regarding efforts to resolve problems and/or concerns.
  • projecting a professional image through positive interaction with members of the community.
  • asking citizens to help develop police activities and programs that will impact their neighborhood and affect their quality of life.
  • participating in programs that share responsibility with the community in the delivery of police services.
  • encouraging citizen cooperation with all criminal justice agencies and school programs.
  • maintaining an open and honest relationship with the community and media by being responsive and accurate concerning the matters of public record, while maintaining individual right to privacy.

3. Working together to be the best by…

  • providing for effective and safe performance of employee duties through optimum training and equipment.
  • promoting active participation of employees in the development and implementation of policies.
  • encouraging employees to pursue higher education for professional growth and development.
  • recognizing personnel for outstanding service and contributions to the community and the department.
  • encouraging employees to maintain a high level of physical fitness and a neat, professional appearance.
  • developing effective employee-employer relations through emphasis on communication, rapport, and trust throughout the department.
  • supporting employees in their professional and personal lives by providing a harmonious and professional work environment.
  • cooperating fully with other segments of county/city government toward meeting challenges in the community.
  • manifesting the belief that the dedication, integrity, and professionalism of its employees are the foundation of trust in the community.