Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Welcomes New RSVP Member: Soledad Moore

JUNE 24, 2014

Soledad Moore with Ricky Gardner

Welcome Soledad Moore


Major Ricky Gardner welcomes Soledad Moore as the newest member of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office’s Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol, (RSVP).

Sheriff Mike Brown started the RSVP program in May 2001 with six volunteers. Currently the program has 18 active members. The program utilizes retired persons in assisting deputies in non-emergency situations.

In 2013, the volunteers donated a total of 4250 hours, which saved Bedford County tax payers over $72,000. They drove 51,201 miles performing their duties. Last year, RSVP volunteers assisted with 803 department errands, assisted with 56 funerals, assisted 85 citizens with locked vehicles, performed 370 house checks, 626 school checks and delivered 76 meeting packets to Bedford County Board of Supervisor members. The RSVP volunteers also visit persons who participate with Project Life Saver Program making sure the batteries in their equipment are in good working order.

Sheriff Brown is very proud and appreciative to each volunteer for their devoted service to the citizens of Bedford County.


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