Crime is of great concern to all citizens of Bedford County.  By use of crime statistics, this agency can make an informed decision concerning the most efficient and effective manner in which to dedicate their limited resources toward the reduction of crime in our communities.

The populations for these statistics, 69,246 are 2011 estimates provided by U.S. Censure Bureau. Area covered is 769 miles.

Technological advancements have vastly increased the capabilities to generate overwhelming amount of information, broadening the platform from which decisions are based.  The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office procured a windows version of a police package records management computer program enabling this agency to produce measures of crime and disorder.  This data serves as a platform to collate current crime information into one document for reference purposes. These statistics are based on quarterly documentation.







RAIDSOnline is live crime statistics click here and search an address within Bedford County or the Town of Bedford for crimes around that location.

If you have any questions regarding these statistics, please contact Teresa at 540-586-4800.