We are pleased that you have interest in the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office. Our agency has provided many years of dedicated service to the citizens of Bedford. Before you continue with the application process we feel it is important that you are aware of several requirements for a possible position with the department. Please read this before filling out the employment application form.

  • You must be a U.S. citizen or have applied for citizenship
  • A high moral standard is required of all Sheriff’s Office candidates. A criminal conviction for any felony will be grounds for disqualification. A misdemeanor conviction may be grounds for dismissal, but will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.
  • Any felony drug use (heroin, cocaine/crack, LSD, Acid, methamphetamines, etc.) will eliminate you from the process.
  • All Sheriff’s Office applicants must be a high school graduate or possess a General Education Degree Certificate (G.E.D.) or equivalent.
  • All applicants must possess a valid Virginia operator’s license at the time of employment. A negative point balance of less than -5 will disqualify you from the process. Recent multiple violations may be an eliminator as well, regardless of where the violations occurred. If you are not sure of your point balance, contact your local DMV office.
  • All applicants that are offered employment must be willing to sign an agreement waiving the right to smoke or consume tobacco products both on and off duty.
  • Applicants must have an acceptable work history. Poor work performance can be a reason for disqualification.
  • Failure to follow instructions or answer questions completely and accurately may remove you from the process. All statements in the application process are subject to verification. Deliberate inaccuracies or omissions will immediately remove you from further consideration for employment.
  • If you are successful and subsequently offered a job as a Deputy Sheriff, you most likely will be attending a state certified police academy. The duration of the academy will be dependent on your status whether you’re a certified officer or not. You will be expected to participate in daily, rigorous physical training. If you feel you are not in satisfactory physical condition, you may wish to start a physical training program or activity after first consulting a medical professional.

If you think any of the above requirements may eliminate you from the process, please contact the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Professional Standards Unit before proceeding further with the process. You may contact Sgt. Brian Neal at 540-586-4800 ext. 3252 or Captain Kevin Adams  at 540-586-7689. We will gladly discuss any concerns you may have concerning your selection process. We wish you well as you begin your application process with our department. You have selected a career that will provide a valuable service to the citizens of Bedford giving you years of satisfaction. Good Luck!

Please fill out the Employment Application Form.