No Criminal Charges Placed in Possible Explosion in Montvale

SEPTEMBER 24, 2013

On Sunday September 22, 2013 at 4:30 p.m., Bedford County 911 dispatchers received a call reporting a possible explosion in the area of Gross Hollow Road in Montvale. Bedford County Sheriff’s deputies and the Montvale Fire Department responded to 1139 Gross Hollow Road.

Deputies spoke to Joseph Mitchell, the property owner. Mitchell advised that he along with several other people were target practicing with a rifle. He said he had placed approximately five pound of tannerite compound in his inoperable 1993 Honda Accord. The Accord has sitting in the middle of a large field on his property. (Tannerite is a compound used in explosive targets). When the bullet struck the vehicle it detonated the tannerite causing the vehicle to explode. The explosion caused extensive damage to the vehicle.

No one was injured in this incident. No criminal charges have been placed, however the investigation of the incident continues.

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