Scam Alert: Don’t Let Your Bank Account Be Compromised!

The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls in the last several days
from citizens reporting that their bank accounts have been compromised.
Victims report they received a text messages on their phones stating:
“Notice of (Name of Bank) account suspension. Please visit a (web-site address) to
solve the problem”
Victims then go to the web-site and fill in their account information. Later after
checking their statement the victims learn that they are missing money from their
*Note: Banks will not text you or email you if there is a problem with your account.
Never enter account info into websites, they are usually phony sites made to look like
your bank’s site. If you receive such a message, pick up the phone and call your bank
directly or stop in to verify.
Never give out ANY personal or banking information over the
telephone or computer to anyone before verifying who you are
sharing this information with!

Please download the PDF Press Release for More Information

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