Sheriff’s Corner: Bedford County Emergency Notification System

Bedford County initiated the “Reverse 911 System” back in 2006 with, what was at the time, the most sophisticated system available, to send out emergency messages via telephone, advising citizens of potential dangers.
These days, many folks are using only cell phones and have done away with land lines all together. In order to provide the best possible service to everyone in Bedford County, the Emergency Notification System, ENS, has now been upgraded so that your cell phone number can be registered for ENS, should an emergency occur that citizens need to be made aware of; Forest fires, hazardous waste spills, multiple vehicle accidents, anything that could endanger your family or home.
If you have a land line, listed or unlisted, your home phone is already in the data base. However, you need to register your cell number or VOIP, (Magic Jack, Comcast, Vonage, etc.) number with the Sheriff’s office to ensure that any emergency call going out to your area of the county, will also be sent to your cell.
Please log on to the website; and follow the easy instructions to register. If you do not have Internet availability, you can still register your cell number by calling the Sheriff’s office and provide the necessary information for registration. Call 540-586-4800 x 4015.
“The safety of Bedford Citizens is our highest priority and this is best done by utilizing the newest technologies available.”

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Sheriff’s Corner: Work Force Project a Great Success

After receiving numerous complaints of trash on the sides of the roads from residents in many areas of the county, Board of Supervisor member Bill Thomasson and I researched the legalities of possibly utilizing inmates for community service.

Back in mid-July, BCSO launched the “Inmate Work Force”, allowing non-violent inmates that qualify, to join this outside work detail program. Not only would this help Bedford County stay beautiful, it was also a great opportunity for these non-violent inmates to build their self-esteem and give something back to their community.
Since July, the Work Force goes out on trash patrol three days a week, usually with two inmates and one off-duty deputy. It is mind-boggling, but this initiative has already collected 750 bags of trash!
Thanks to a cooperative agreement with VDOT, bright orange trash bags are supplied to the work force then when their shift is complete, VDOT pick up the bags and transports them to the landfill. The jail agreed to pack bag lunches for the inmates while they’re out working and the Inmate Work Force van is equipped with a tag-a-long port-a-potty.
It’s a win-win service for everyone in the county!
The work force deputy tries to cover all different areas of the county. However, I suggest if you wish to report a high-trash area, to please notify your area Board of Supervisor and he/she will contact BCSO for scheduling. Big results can come from small investments; Total cost involved with this project is $30,000 a year. With this kind of volume of trash being removed from our roadsides, I would say its well worth it!

Download the October 2012 PDF “Sheriff’s Corner”